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Java Relief is a special kind of coffee retailer. We sell high quality coffee that's fresh roasted, on demand. What makes us unique is that we are a volunteer company and 100% of our profits go directly to children at risk. Our hearts have been broken seeing the overwhelming need and sadness of so many of these children. Whether they are orphans, slave or sex-trafficked victims, or simply living in an unsafe and impoverished environment. We feel it is our God-given task to fight for these children — to provide meals, clothing, education and better homes.

Tumbler & K-Cup Gift Set

Gift Sets

Pre-Order your Gifts for Christmas!
Let your friends and family know they are helping children at risk around the world! Enjoying amazing fresh roasted coffee is the bonus!

We want to send it fresh, so place order on or before December 10th so we can roast and deliver before Christmas. All Gift Orders will ship the week of 12/17.

Tumbler & K-Cup Gift Set

Java Relief Tumbler and K-cups 1.jpg
Java Relief Tumblers2.jpg
Java Relief Tumbler and K-cups 1.jpg
Java Relief Tumblers2.jpg

Tumbler & K-Cup Gift Set


Order your Gifts for Christmas!
Let your friends and family know they are helping children at risk around the world! Enjoying amazing, fresh roasted coffee is the bonus!

Tumbler and K-Cup Gift Sets. Choose an arabica roasted blend and use the Java Relief Premium Stainless Steel Tumbler! The tumbler is available in either Satin Black or Metallic Red. One side has the JAVA RELIEF logo and the other says WAKE UP DO GOOD!

Included is a personalized Christmas card with your choice of words, a gift bag, ribbon and tissue! 

12 pack of K-Cups and a Premium Stainless Steel Tumbler for $33.00

Tumbler color:
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If you live near Waconia or Deephaven Minnesota, you can arrange a pick up with us. Simply contact us at and we will set up custom pick up for you.


Add a personalized gift message. We will handwrite it on the back of this card! You will be asked if you want to add this message at checkout

Dark Roast

Shire Blend — The Shire Blend Dark Roast is our signature secret blend! The subtle sweetness of the dark roasted South American bean accents the funky groove of the Indonesian. Sweet acidity is well balanced with the heavy body.

Medium Roast

Luken Blend — This exclusive blend is rich, aromatic, full-bodied, smooth and low-acidic. We combine two arabica high altitude SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) from the Central Americans, a South American and a select Indonesian to create a truly unique, high impact cup.


Fair Trade Certified. This coffee is fairly traded. Whether "Fair Trade Certified" or "Certified Organic" or not. Many small coffee growers around the planet simply cannot afford expensive certification. To reject these valuable farmers would go against the values we hold dearly. We buy only the finest, highest grade specialty green coffee from around the world. 

High Altitude Arabica Bean. There are several species coffee plants, the finest quality being Arabica, which today represents 59% of the world’s coffee production.  Arabica originated in the highlands of Ethiopia.  It is sensitive to hot and humid conditions, and grows at altitudes of 1.25-1.55 miles.  Arabica grown at higher altitudes is associated with the emergence of higher quality characteristics during roasting. Makes for a better cup of coffee.

Coffee Snob Approved! Before we ever purchase our specialty beans, they have passed the expert analysis and cupping tastes of one of the world's best specialty coffee importers/buyers. We continually experiment with new blends, roasting profiles, and search potential coffee varieties for addition to our offerings. We strive for perfection in every hand-crafted roast.

Freshness Guarantee. Your satisfaction is a priority.  If you are not satisfied with your fresh roasted coffee, we will refund the entire purchase price of the product(less shipping costs). See return policy for details.