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Java Relief is a special kind of coffee retailer. We sell high quality coffee that's fresh roasted, on demand. What makes us unique is that we are a volunteer company and 100% of our profits go directly to children at risk. Our hearts have been broken seeing the overwhelming need and sadness of so many of these children. Whether they are orphans, slave or sex-trafficked victims, or simply living in an unsafe and impoverished environment. We feel it is our God-given task to fight for these children — to provide meals, clothing, education and better homes.


Welcome to the Java Relief stories site where we talk about our passion of helping children at risk worldwide. Wake Up Do Good!

Coming Home

Brandy Siewert

Brandy Siewert with her new-found friend, Givens

Brandy Siewert with her new-found friend, Givens

The pain hit my heart as we flew out of Port Au Prince, Haiti. I looked down and saw the city, knowing we were headed back to our easy life in our comfortable home in our safe town. Luken's words kept ringing through my ears, "Here, children sleep where pigs sleep".  My heart broke for the children we had met living in the rubbish that makes up part of Cite Soleil.  We knew we couldn't just leave them behind.

We had been with children in extreme poverty before; different slum, different country.  Maybe it was the accumulation of them that made this departure harder.  I'm not sure.  But I did know I couldn't just return to our normal. 

Java Relief is what happened when my husband and co-founder, Steve, prayed about what we could do.  It was a mystery to us because we've never considered the coffee business...but we do love coffee!  


Brandy Siewert
Co-Founder of Java Relief